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About us...

We are a team of three academics based at De Montfort University, Leicester. This project started off when we organised some rather hastily arranged staff support and training resources, including webinars, based on our own very steep learning curve during the first part of COVID-19 lockdown. This quickly grew into a series of national webinars with over 300 attendees. We've loved working with each other to drive this project forward and we've felt so honoured to have worked with some awesome people from across the sector. Now, we've built this site as a one-stop shop to host useful resources from across the sector, because we couldn't find one ourselves.  It's still a work in progress, but we hope it's useful and we'd love to share your resources here too, so please do get in touch.  

 Prof Jo Rushworth

Dr TJ Moore

Dr Beth Rogoyski

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