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Remote student support
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Wednesday 9th September, 8pm-9pm. REWATCH: Coming Soon!                 

"Getting ready for a very different start to term:
how do we best prepare staff and students?"


We are thrilled to be guest hosting the first #LTHEtweetchat of the new season! Join the discussion on twitter - see you there!

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Please contact the organisers for the meeting link


Please contact the organisers for the meeting link

Popular resources


Basics of setting up Blackboard Collaborate

  • Quick-start introduction to Collaborate

  • How to set up sessions
  • Common problems and fixes for new users

  • Using applications within BBCU

  • Re-watch the Q&A session and chat log with answered FAQs 

Dr TJ Moore

Image by Anastasia Zhenina

Semi-flipped classroom approach

Dr TJ Moore

  • The best of synchronous and asynchronous learning combined

  • The Whats and Whys of semi-flipped learning

  • Advantages over a fully-flipped classroom

  • Which students would benefit from this model

  • Examples of real life experiences

Books on a Yellow Wall

Writing Google-proof exams

Dr Beth Rogoyski

  • Preparing for remote exams next semester

  • How to write challenging MCQs from upcoming remote delivery

  • Using Bloom's Taxonomy to create more applied MCQs

  • Creating scenario-based questions

  • Proving MCQs are not an 'easy option'

Computer Programming

Student lab alternatives with #DryLabsRealScience

Dr Nigel Francis, Dr David Smith, Prof Ian Turner

  • Good practice in delivering lab experience remotely

  • Setting up undergraduate and postgraduate courses online

  • Alternatives to lab-based Capstone projects - Dr Dave Lewis

  • Delivering MSc projects online - Dr Dave Lewis

  • Virtual Labs - Introduction to LearningScience - Dr Ian Thistlewaite


Mon 22 June 
(begins )

Free to members or £50, booking required

Playing on Tablet

Using technology for effective teaching in HE

  • E-portfolios for evidencing professional practice

  • Supporting assessment and feedback through digital technologies

  • Online test: different approaches to enhance student learning

  • Using your VLE to support teaching

The Biochemical Society


Featured articles

Post-COVID education: eLearning and the new world of education

Dr Dave Lewis in
Pharmacology Matters

Authentic assessment compendium
(v2 May 2021)

Prof Sally Brown and Prof Kay Sambell have compiled this document full of examples of how to turn old-fashioned assessments (e.g. essays, exams) into something more authentic, meaningful, requiring higher-level cognitive skills.

The first weeks may be critical for the 2020 cohort

Prof Sally Brown's
WONKHE article

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