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Basics of setting up Blackboard Collaborate

  • Quick-start introduction to Collaborate

  • How to set up sessions
  • Common problems and fixes for new users

  • Using applications within BBCU

  • Re-watch the Q&A session and chat log with answered FAQs 


Dr TJ Moore

Semi-flipped classroom approach

Dr TJ Moore

  • The best of synchronous and asynchronous learning combined

  • The Whats and Whys of semi-flipped learning

  • Advantages over a fully-flipped classroom

  • Which students would benefit from this model

  • Examples of real life experiences


Writing Google-proof exams

Dr Beth Rogoyski

  • Preparing for remote exams next semester

  • How to write challenging MCQs from upcoming remote delivery

  • Using Bloom's Taxonomy to create more applied MCQs  

  • Creating scenario-based questions

  • Proving MCQs are not an 'easy option'


Student lab alternatives with #DryLabsRealScience

Dr Dave Smith, Dr Nigel Francis, Prof Ian Turner

  • Good practise in delivering lab experience remotely

  • Setting up undergraduate and postgraduate courses online

  • Alternatives to lab-based Capstone projects - Dr Dave Lewis

  • Delivering MSc projects online - Dr Dave Lewis

  • Virtual Labs - Introduction to LearningScience - Dr Ian Thistlewaite



Mon 22 June 
(begins )

Free to members or £50, booking required


Using technology for effective teaching in HE

  • E-portfolios for evidencing professional practice

  • Supporting assessment and feedback through digital technologies

  • Online test: different approaches to enhance student learning

  • Using your VLE to support teaching


The Biochemical Society

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